GROC Genesee Regional Off-Road Cyclists

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GROC Genesee Regional Off-Road Cyclists


GROC Partnership with Ithaca Beer Co.


Ithaca GreenTrails supports the preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of area biking and hiking trails. Proceeds from GreenTrails events, promotions and sponsorships are shared with not-for-profit organizations to help improve outdoor recreational trails for all of us to enjoy.

Ithaca Beer Co.'s Spring 2015 GreenTrails Promotion is a partnership with GROC & Cycle-CNY. A portion of the proceeds from this promotion will go to GROC & Cycle-CNY to help their bike trail building efforts in the Finger Lakes.


2015 Spring Kick-Off Event

Thanks Tyron Bike and for all those who joined in


The spring kick-off event was a good time thanks GROC members and volunteers for the support and work you have put in so far this season already.

Look for our next Pop-Up event 

GROC Fleet of Kazam bikes being put to good use

GROC owns a fleet of push bikes from Kazam that we bring to events and encourage kids to jump on and start to learn how to ride a bikes. These push bikes are the best way to teach your child to ride. The can start very young and these bikes teach balance from day 1. Training wheels on bikes actually work against the natural balance skills needed for riding a bike.

Every child I have seen use these bike go from the push bike to peddling a bike with no learning curve, they just jump on and start peddling.

GROC tries to promote biking in any way we can so we have leant the fleet of bikes and helmets to the Child Care Center at Genesee Community College Association in Batavia, New York. Staci L. Williams the director has been thrilled to have such a great activity for the kids and as you can see the gym makes an excellent place to rip it up.


TrailsROC for every trail user

GROC recently got a very generous donation from a local trail running group TrailsROC. 

They promote trail running and are big advocates of the wonderful trails in our area. They also understand that trails need love and care and recognize the efforts of all the groups that help build and maintain those trails.

Eric Eagan one of the founders of TrailsROC had reached out to GROC when they were running race at Dryer Road Park. I asked Eric why they donated money to GROC

"We host a race (Ready Set Glow) at Dryer Road park and we understand that park is maintained and built by GROC and all of our” races have a beneficiary and it made sense to give to the organization that built a park that supports one of our races.

There should be room for runners and riders on our trails and if we build them properly - Which GROC has shown it can do, we should be able to share.

So in essence, we have so much in common we should be advocating and working together because our goals and vision seem to line up."

I think Eric stated it perfectly “ we have so much in common we should be advocating and working together because our goals and vision seem to line up

GROC has been the champion for opening local trails to mountain biking but our main mission is to see more inclusive trail policies for all user groups. Shared-use trails are not only the right thing to do but it is critical to have all the help and volunteers our trails can get to keep them in great shape for everyone. We all know trails are built primary with volunteers from many different trail organizations and without them the trails will deteriorate.

So thank you to TrailsROC for supporting like minded groups and volunteering on the trails !

Jonathan Brown

President GROC


Over the Finish Line – With The Win


Last night the Monroe County Parks Advisory Committee met to review the study done for the Shared-Use trail pilot program in Tryon and West Bay Parks. The report  done by EDR was very thorough and the its conclusion was that shared-use trails had no adverse environmental impact and that the trails have had a positive impact for the two parks.
GROC and the efforts of volunteers were recognized by the PAC community with Dave Rinaldo and Larry Staub  stating how much they appreciate GROC's efforts. Many of the opposition were at the meeting but they did not have much to say.  One even got up and spoke very positively about GROC's work. I have to say that that might be one of the best things out of all of this. GROC and volunteers have been positive and inclusive throughout this process. We not only built trails that we want to ride but ones that all trail users enjoy. We set the example for how sustainable trails can improve the experience for all users while minimizing environmental damage.

The question was asked "so what is the process for other parks and shared-use trails?" Larry Staub said that the process for opening other parks' trails for shared-use will include evaluation and study through the master plan process similar to what was done for Tryon and West Bay.

Larry said the they are hoping GROC will work with the County on Greece Canal Park as that park already has shared-use trails as part of it's recent master plan update. If you live in the Greece area and would like to see shared-use trails in this park, please contact Jonathan Brown. We are looking for a Trail Crew leader to manage this new opportunity.
There are also two more parks currently in master plan review, Mendon Ponds and Webster Park. Please contact Jonathan Brown if you are interested in working on getting shared-use trails in either of these parks.

Thank you to all the people who came to the PAC meeting and for all the work done by hundreds of volunteers. This was a significant effort but the results are wonderful for our parks and the sport we love.

Jonathan Brown
President GROC

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